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  • Sun, 14:02: Leftover pancakes shallow fried in bacon fat. Crispy crispy goodness.
  • Sun, 17:38: Do you know the muffin man? 'Cause he's me and @marypcbuk.
  • Sun, 17:44: Starting the Harry Dresden books. Down these mean streets must walk a wizard who is not himself mean. Chicago replaces SF as the noir city.
  • Sun, 17:46: I suspect I also need to be reading the Max Gladstone books. So many books, so little time.
  • Sun, 17:52: RT @NeowinFeed: Official handset image shows new Windows Phone with 'Windows' branding
  • Sun, 17:59: Preordered Ancillary Sword.
  • Sun, 18:07: Nuffin' like a puffin; it's a muffin.
  • Sun, 19:20: Today's writing soundtrack has convinced me that in another life Jean Michel Jarre would have been a church organist.
  • Sun, 19:48: The backlash against Apple Pay will begin when someone's stuck behind someone trying to TouchID an iPhone to tap into Tube gates.
  • Sun, 19:50: Seriously considering dropping my pre-pay Oyster next week when Tap and Pay goes live across the TFL network.
  • Mon, 09:19: RT @troyhunt: With the dust settled after last week's massive @haveibeenpwned traffic influx, I've written up how Azure performed: http://t…
  • Mon, 09:20: RT @ian_sales: Special offer. Get the first 3 books of the Apollo Quartet in paperback for only �10 (inc p&p in UK).
  • Mon, 09:23: Disturbing scenario in arts headline: "Director drops goldfish from West End production of Richard III after accusations of animal cruelty"
  • Mon, 09:23: RT @DaveLeeBBC: #Phones4U customers who have their phone in for repair are being asked to ring 0800 072 5855 for more info
  • Mon, 10:23: (What's the going rate for decent CD players? Got an ARCAM Alpha 8 that I'm no longer using)
  • Mon, 10:44: Not sure why everyone is surprised MS is dropping the Nokia brand. That was clear once the acquisition terms became public.
  • Mon, 10:56: Relistening to last night's ELO concert. Got to say, Mr Lynne still has it. Even if Time didn't get any live love :-(
  • Mon, 10:58: Interesting, there's a coin-toss twitterbot looking for refereneces to coin-tosses and then tweeting a flip... @QuarterBot
  • Mon, 11:12: RT @andrewducker: Ghostbusters is the best comedy ever made about the limits of the Lovecraftian worldview.
  • Mon, 11:57: RT @tomwarren: If you’re in the UK you can’t watch John Oliver’s Scottish independence video. How ironic
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