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  • Mon, 15:14: Hello LHR. Landing into the teeth of a thunderstorm.
  • Mon, 16:19: Folk arriving at LHR for #Loncon wanting SIM cards will find them in these machines; preloaded and ready to use.
  • Mon, 17:04: Home. Angry cat is angry, and sulking under the kitchen cupboards. Hell hath no fury like a stroppy Maine Coon.
  • Mon, 22:09: Literate bill stickers
  • Mon, 23:58: RT @Krewell: If you want to read more about Nvidia's custom 64-bit Denver core, you can download our white paper here:
  • Tue, 01:46: Shazbot!
  • Tue, 11:27: I have found one problem with the @nokia_uk Lumia 930: flouresscent orange reflects off plane windows. Not so good for aerial shots!
  • Tue, 11:33: Ah, Mouse Without Borders. How would I work without you? @surface Pro 3 hooked up on my desk.
  • Tue, 11:40: Recent Reads: Whispers Underground. Ben Aaronovitch's Peter Grant investigates death at Baker Street, tainted by magic. More secret London.
  • Tue, 11:41: That tweet that says a Brit would remove the "u" from colour to avoid going one character over? No. We'd rewrite the entire tweet.
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