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  • Wed, 22:24: When you want to find a scorpion, there's none to be found.
  • Thu, 01:04: Does a horse own the copyright of a photo finish? Asking for a pony.
  • Thu, 04:11: Kite surfer actioncam #lumia930
  • Thu, 04:35: Here's one of those pictures you are proud of, a tern that's just caught a squid: The hunter returns.
  • Thu, 06:17: Cruzin': Pelicans at Natural Bridges
  • Thu, 06:24: Pacific tree frog chorus ramping up for our last night in the Santa Cruz Mountains.
  • Thu, 06:45: Seattle/Redmond folk: we're in town Friday night. Beers?
  • Thu, 06:55: So @marypcbuk has succumbed. We'll be getting her a Surface Pro 3 tomorrow to go with mine... Red keyboard though!
  • Thu, 06:57: Recent Reads: Under A Graveyard Sky. John Ringo's zombie apocalypse is ruined by continuity errors. Otherwise a fun (if gory) read.
  • Thu, 07:00: RT @andrewjbtw: If monkeys can't copyright photos they take, that explains why thousands of monkeys on typewriters haven't produced literat…
  • Thu, 07:01: Do burglars have copyright on motion-triggered CCTV recordings? Asking for a defense attorney.
  • Thu, 08:44: Here’s the thing: ISPs and other service providers have been working with law enforcement voluntarily to deal with child porn since the 90s.
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