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  • Thu, 15:42: Some idiot has registered a new Lexus using my email address. I can’t unsubscribe the dealer emails. Does that mean I get to keep the car?
  • Thu, 16:47: RT @jacobrossi: Announcing BIG changes to the IE mobile platform that dramatically make for a better user experience
  • Thu, 16:48: RT @Oatmeal: ICANN seized and disabled my website because I forgot to open an email and verify my contact info. Yikes.
  • Thu, 16:51: New IE in Phone 8.1 Update shows that mobile browsers are failing to keep up with web standards, forcing use of experimental prefixes.
  • Thu, 17:04: RT @sgalineau: Windows Phone IE has to play games to render sites because the mobile web is such a mess
  • Thu, 17:15: If you wonder why Microsoft has had to change Mobile IE, this piece I wrote for ZDNet last year might help:
  • Thu, 19:26: Interesting to note that the IE Mobile blog implicitly calls out popular web dev frameworks for prefix abuse.
  • Thu, 19:28: (So where can I get a Chinese Cortana t-shirt to go with my US one?)
  • Fri, 03:11: Tonight’s hotel: looking for Jim Belushi peddling drug-ehanced Oculus Rifts in a universe where Philip K Dick’s Exegesis is its Dianetics.
  • Fri, 04:12: Trying to wean myself off Live Gallery. Recommendations for good photo importing tools? Or should I just use Lightroom for everything?
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