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  • Wed, 15:40: Microsoft/Nokia is missing a trick not selling the Lumia 930 in the US. My fluorescent orange device is getting a lot of attention.
  • Wed, 17:10: Tesla plate ENRGIZR. Sadly not driven by a drumming rabbit 🐰.
  • Wed, 20:00: Eeeeeee! Black raspberry Talking Rain.
  • Wed, 20:03: Recent Reads: Revenant Eve. Sherwood Smith's time-travel romance guides a pirate's daughter to ruritanian crown, via Napoleonic Paris.
  • Wed, 23:08: RT @DrPizza: The thing that amazes me most about tablets is the way they've leapt past smartphones in their race to the bottom.
  • Thu, 00:42: From inside Microsoft's infiltration of Silicon Valley. Toto, this isn't Redmond:
  • Thu, 00:58: RT @stevesilberman: The hunt for the tasty black-market N. Caliifornia delicacy that kills about a dozen people a year.
  • Thu, 08:13: Need to work out how to improve the look of Tweetdeck on Surface Pro 3. Doesn’t seem to be scaling well…
  • Thu, 11:18: ZDNet blog post: TYLT: the Goldilocks of external batteries #zdnet
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