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  • Mon, 12:47: Recent Reads: Empress of Mars. Kage Baker reflects Martian colonisation in a tale of bar folk, somewhere between Red Mars and Ares Express..
  • Mon, 12:48: Interesting to see how Baker neatly intersects the mythic of McDonald's Mars with the practicalities of Kim Stanley Robinson's.
  • Mon, 12:50: Currently re-reading @bruces' Heavy Weather, realising it's a deeply Internet of Things novel. One for the essential futurist SF list.
  • Mon, 12:54: Today's soundtrack: God Help The Girl. ♫ God Help The Girl – God Help The Girl http://t.co/hFkV07YZcn #NowPlaying
  • Mon, 13:00: Authors cosplay as favourite characters. Worth it for Terry Pratchett as Just William: http://t.co/f4OOdAxk00
  • Mon, 13:05: (Ah, Perfection as a Hipster, Neil Hannon meets Belle and Sebastian)
  • Mon, 13:31: Anyone out there using or looking at using AppLinks? Working on a piece on what Facebook is doing with it.
  • Mon, 14:32: Recent Rereads: Heavy Weather. Bruce Sterling's visionary novel of a sensor-filled, media-rich, greenhouse Texas. The ruins of our future.
  • Mon, 16:00: RT @onedrive: It's the last day to get 100 GB of #OneDrive storage for 100 @BingRewards credits. US only. http://t.co/ck9VKDVYQy http://t.c…
  • Mon, 16:22: <Achievement unlocked: use really long word on Twitter in context. 10G>
  • Tue, 11:59: Hmm. Looks like the update to the Windows Phone 8.1 Preview Calendar broke something. Crashes when you try to create a new appointment.