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  • Mon, 12:09: Ah, excellent. I have managed to get Nokia MixRadio playing through our Sonos. Seeds: Yes, Genesis, Pink Floyd. Progtastic mix results!
  • Mon, 12:45: RT @androiddreamer: K.W. Jeter's famous novel 'Dr. Adder' has been re-released in Kindle form. The blurb from Philip K. Dick is reason eno…
  • Mon, 13:52: TIL that the list of con types that Brad Pitt lists in Ocean's 11 are all the cons they use in the actual heist.
  • Mon, 13:52: (well, I learned it Saturday, but forgot to tweet it until today)
  • Mon, 14:09: Oh this is nice, using Drawboard to sign US tax forms and contracts. Best WIndows 8 PDF tool around by far.
  • Mon, 14:54: I have the feeling the cat has got on a press release distribution list, at least after the phone call I just had.
  • Mon, 15:02: ICYMI Friday, my thoughts on the importance of machine learnng as a service from Azure:
  • Mon, 15:04: The cat is looking for comment on big data in mouse hunting, cat food as a service, and how petting scales to the enterprise.
  • Mon, 16:29: Monday, 8am Pacific: The new Microsoft cadence.
  • Mon, 21:37: (;,;) The necronomemoticon (via FB)
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