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  • Tue, 21:13: Caught a discussion of emotional content in abstract shapes on Radio 4 just now. I wonder if the Cortana folk looked at the research...
  • Tue, 21:14: RT @KariSperring: Once more with feeling. I'm blogging on women, ageism and sf
  • Tue, 21:20: Swifts in the sunset clouds, black arrows against the gold and powder blue.
  • Tue, 21:29: What's more terrifying than a Tweetstorm? A Tweetnado!
  • Tue, 21:35: How to confuse everyone with a Tweetstorm 1/π
  • Tue, 22:39: Another failed attempt to photograph the ISS.
  • Wed, 11:25: In advance of whatever Amazon launches, no, it's not a hologram. It's an optical illusion that gives the impression of parallax.
  • Wed, 11:26: (My first published scientific paper was on one of the first CGI holographic printers, which I built, so I know what I'm talking about here)
  • Wed, 11:28: Realtime generated holograms would require serious compute bandwidth, and displays that make retina look low resolution.
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