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  • Thu, 12:00: ZDNet blog post: Windows Phone and the battle against fake apps #zdnet
  • Thu, 16:11: Ken Goldman, CFO of Yahoo! discussing what makes a good SV board with @fscavo. Looks for founder CEOs. #FiRe2014
  • Thu, 18:00: Thought: Microsoft is moving its development platform and models far faster than it (or anyone) has done before. And across more platforms.
  • Thu, 18:06: RT @marypcbuk: An excellent writeup of how Visual Studio went agile from the comments on my @CITEworld piece
  • Thu, 18:06: A (perhaps) more important thought: Microsoft is doing all this without leaving its developers behind.
  • Thu, 19:29: Hmm. Looks likke spammers are sendingmail via Microsoft services currently. It's been a while since I've seen that...
  • Thu, 21:31: OK, CMS defeated yet again...
  • Thu, 21:54: RT @shanselman: This tweet is tweeted to serve as The Last Word. When arguing, feel free to link to this tweet, then walk away. This is a p…
  • Thu, 21:59: Wish I'd been able to vote, but postal ballots were sent out too late.
  • Thu, 22:03: RT @marypcbuk: .@MattRosoff @sbisson it's a page they all like, turned to by a CEO they all like
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