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Committing sins against the memory of Ansel Adams... using a digital camera in the Yosemite Valley, when it really should have been sheet film...

One thing is clear, that Yosemite's stone grandeur is so magnificent, it's impossible to do any justice in any photograph - you need to be there, breathing that clear mountain air, hearing the squawking of the blue jays, the rush of the water, the wind in the redwoods and pines, seeing those immense masses of impermeable granite looming out from a pastel blue winter sky (for while it may be High Spring in the Bay it is still Winter up in the Sierra Nevada)...

But still, we must share these frail electronic images of solid mountains with the world, for they are poetry writ large in the slow ballet of tectonics and the subtle finger of erosion.

Entering Yosemite, we meet the Bridalveil Falls, and are drenched in their icy spray.

The Bridalveil Falls

Across the valley looms the rock face of my climbing dreams, El Capitan, sheer granite reaching to the sky.

El Capitan

Looking through the woods, and the 2000 foot tumble of Yosemite Falls shines white on the solid stone wall of the valley.

Yosemite Falls

There are giants around us, stone and snow.

Yosemite Valley, looking west

Another climber's dream, Half Dome, cleaves the clouds from the sky.

Half Dome

In the woods, the slow decay of the wood, and the rushing power of the water, released from the highland snow.

The woods and the water

As day ends, the falls crash and tumble from their gentle valley, falling endlessly to earth.

Yosemite Falls

Sunset paints vast stained glass windows on the Cathedral.

The Cathedral

Spread out in twilight, the valley looks east to the last of the sun on the slopes of Clouds Rest.

Yosemite from the Tunnel View, at sunset

Be warned - there are largish images herein, a mix of 640 x 480 and 640 x 853 shots, taken on Saturday March 1st in the Yosemite Valley, using a Canon S40 4MPixel digital camera - so they have been edited down from the originals.
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