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My tweets

  • Wed, 13:19: Another hummingbird, doing an impression of a '70s desk toy: Ducking Bird https://t.co/i7poovG1UD
  • Wed, 13:44: Even a stopped clock is right twice a day, and the usually vile Sun has come up with an amusing take on Shakespeare: http://t.co/cAXRHXZD4H
  • Wed, 13:56: RT @marypcbuk: 3.1% of users had Windows Phone 8.1 the first week it was available http://t.co/STczerTwM4
  • Wed, 14:41: It's, it's... A cross between Flappy Bird and 2048? I don't even: http://t.co/vUdgWut5GS (via @andrewducker)
  • Wed, 17:47: Tweaked colours for my Twitter profile to coordinate with the new hummingbird image header.
  • Wed, 18:48: Updating office server straight from Server 2012 to 2012 R2 Update. What could go wrong? :-)
  • Wed, 19:16: Thing I just found on the Surface touch keyboard: swipe up on a symbol to get its shifted state. Nifty.
  • Wed, 19:25: OK, that's my server back. Just a couple of minor permissions tweaks to handle.
  • Wed, 20:24: Microsoft missed a trick not calling WP8.1's new social features the Social Extensibility Library Framework Internet Enhancement Service.
  • Thu, 10:59: Updating a pen from a tablet. Oh, this living in the future gets so topsy-turvy at times.