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My tweets

  • Thu, 12:10: Oh good grief. Yet more SEO spammers who can't be bothered to actually use Google to check on who they're spamming. Fail
  • Thu, 12:16: Still getting used to seeing my phone's browser tabs on my desktop PC. And vice versa.
  • Thu, 12:18: RT @marypcbuk: Using big data to ask questions might need machine learning, it will certainly need data literacy http://t.co/XB3a9ktoxl
  • Thu, 13:56: Not sure how I missed this, seeing as it hits all my lofi psychedelia buttons. Another recommendation from Vic at @… http://t.co/4zmqUhl7jM
  • Thu, 17:51: @maureenkspeller Took me ages to realise just why you were using a Girls With Slingshots avatar! And I read it daily...
  • Thu, 17:54: Recent Reads: Fire With Fire. Charles Gannon's space opera sets the scene for a first contact drama. Real politick in space. With spies.
  • Thu, 19:22: Dear world. Please note, Britain is now closed until Tuesday. Love, the British.
  • Thu, 21:09: Reading reviews of Transendence, and I see my fears were realised: it's a remake of The Lawnmower Man. Oh, the (uploaded) humanity.
  • Thu, 21:10: @kshandra Sorry, I deleted that just as you retweeted, due to an egregious typo!
  • Thu, 21:12: RT @PhilMarett: Video from this mornings flight https://t.co/hKIHLtDenI #jerseyci #jersey