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  • Mon, 19:27: I see the Getty/Flickr partnership has ended, Wonder what it means for Flickr, and where Getty will be sourcing stock images. Not from me!
  • Mon, 20:36: W00t. The Dell Venue 8 Pro pens I ordered last week have shipped, and should arrive tomorrow. Free next day delivery FTW.
  • Mon, 21:06: RT @MattRosoff: Teasers from @levie about next week's BoxDev: security as a service, identity as a service coming:
  • Mon, 21:34: RT @maryjofoley: It's not just Windows XP that is no longer supported by MS after April 8. Exchange Server 2003. Migration toolkit: https:/…
  • Mon, 21:49: RT @CITEworld: Why @marypcbuk fell in love with a phablet: now with a link to a bunch of high-res photos taken with the Lumia 1520: http://…
  • Mon, 22:40: RT @dhmorton: I’m not comfortable with self-promotion but @MUInstruments is contributing an instrument to ☞ on 22nd …
  • Mon, 22:40: RT @dhmorton: Then there’s a special @If_Wet the following weekend (30th March) where all the instrument makers will…
  • Tue, 08:44: Recent Reads: Dream Sequence. Carla Speed McNeil's SF graphic story Finder delivers a VR psychodrama. Drink up dreamers, you're running dry.
  • Tue, 11:41: ZDNet blog post: What small businesses really want from the cloud #zdnet
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