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San Francisco 2003 - the outline

So here's the outline of the trip to SF:
  • Saturday 22nd February - fly to US, visit Marin Headlands, fish dinner in Sausalito.
  • Sunday 23rd Febuary - Breakfast with Rick, Monteray Bay Aquarium, wild sea otters, dinner with Microsoft.
  • Monday 24th February - Riding the cable cars, shopping, coffee with ocean_song, dinner with the old Scient A2A crowd.
  • Tuesday 25th February - Road trip with ocean_song: breakfast in Santa Cruz, the UCSC Arboretum, Bonny Doon, up Highway One to Half Moon Bay.
  • Wednesday 26th February - Riding the cable cars, lunch with Cory Doctorow, touring the edges of SF, the Exploratorium, Coit Tower, dinner with ocean_song, car dramas in the rain, off to stay in San Jose.
  • Thursday 27th February - pottering in San Jose, dinner with rowanf, Russell, and ocean_song.
  • Friday 28th February - breakfast with rowanf, drive up to Mariposa and the mountains.
  • Saturday 1st March - Yosemite ho! Lots of mountains and wide open spaces.
  • Sunday 2nd March - Drive back to San Jose, visit with Rene and Selene in their mountain fastness, dinner in Santa Cruz
  • Monday 3rd March - Breakfast with ocean_song, exploring Berkeley, over the Bay Bridge, fly back to the UK
  • Tuesday 4th March - Arrive home.

Details will be forthcoming in further entries, along with photos (and if I work out how to do it, possibly even video!)
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