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  • Sun, 14:59: Giving up on the Samsung apps on my test Galaxy Note. Switching it to CyanogenMod.
  • Sun, 18:45: Recent Reads: Haze. More ethical exploration in SF form from L E Modesitt Jr. Is there value of rebellion and change? A spy finds out.
  • Sun, 19:25: Think I shall now read a novel that really should have been part of Borderlands.
  • Sun, 19:32: MIke Oldfield's entire Tubular Bells, all five albums of it. Ideal interview write up music.
  • Sun, 20:10: An entire ad break - in Lego -
  • Sun, 22:23: "Its not finding the quotes, it's building he narrative around them." Writing big features when you've got a cold.
  • Sun, 22:28: 2801 words so far. This is going long form :-)
  • Sun, 23:18: Achievement unlocked: feature finished on exactly 3100 words.
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