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  • Wed, 20:48: Still waiting to get my @Office365 upgrade email. Seems to be a lot less than 4 weeks to November :-(
  • Wed, 21:08: And then the @office365 upgrade email arrives...
  • Wed, 22:23: Mmm. Hobee's for a late breakfast.
  • Wed, 22:26: RT @GabrielleNYC: Beautiful shot - The #ISS passing over Jersey's Corbiere Lighthouse this evening via @Marc128
  • Thu, 00:49: Problems with desktop Tweetdeck on Surface Pro or any other High DPI windows? Disable scaling support in compatability settings. (1/2)
  • Thu, 00:49: (2/2) That way touch works and you lose the Chrome font bug fuzziness.
  • Thu, 05:38: Wrote 2000 words on behind the scenes at Expedia. Fascinating company, intriguing reinvention.
  • Thu, 06:23: Recent Reads: The Exodus Towers. Jason Hough's SF thriller continues to uncover new secrets of the enigmatic Builders. Fifth contact looms.
  • Thu, 06:25: Recent Reads: The Plague Forge. Jason Hough wraps up his Dire Earth cycle, explaining the Builders' devastating actions. Twists and turns.
  • Thu, 06:27: Enjoyed the Dire Earth books, even though at times they felt a little too like a script for a puzzle solving FPS. Fun enough, though.
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