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  • Sun, 12:49: Talking to @marypcbuk and realising how much Daft Punk's Tron Legacy soundtrack is influenced by Glass' Koyaanisqatsi
  • Sun, 14:27: My Full English Breakfast Martini #benscanteenmenu
  • Sun, 18:15: Great lunch with @chrisgreen and @webgnu at @benscanteen. Good food, goood company, good cocktails. What's not to like?
  • Sun, 18:21: Right, time to build a RTM Server 2012 R2 box. Need a network of VMs for some work I'm doing.
  • Sun, 18:46: Does anyone know what Cortex release the A7 is based on? Because if it's an ARMv8 system the real benefit is support for Type-1 hypervisors.
  • Sun, 18:49: So if A7 is ARMv8, we're not going to see real benefits until iOS 8 :-)
  • Sun, 20:28: Hmm. WHen the USB stick gets that hot when you're writing an ISO on it, it's probably not going to work.
  • Mon, 09:43: RT @cityoftongues: Here's @arrroberts on Kim Stanley Robinson's new novel, Shaman, on the @arcfinity blog.
  • Mon, 10:21: Qantas A380 drifts through the upper quarter of the office window, and I think "That hangs in the sky in exactly the way bricks don't."
  • Mon, 10:28: Oh that's annoying. Elements of the old Office 365 UI don't work in IE11. And of course I'm not upgraded yet...
  • Mon, 10:42: Terry Myerson ends post on Nokia blog "The future is bright". It would be easy to use that to write clickbait "Microsoft to buy Orange" :-)
  • Mon, 11:46: In which I suggest there is more to Apple's A7 than just 32 more bits... (tip @techmeme)
  • Mon, 11:55: I really do need to update my ZDNet headshot...
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