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  • Thu, 12:20: Hmm. Not sure that this new Twitter user icon quite works...
  • Thu, 12:47: ZDNet blog post: Computing the camera: The future of smartphone photography is in the software #zdnet
  • Thu, 13:43: Today in Wandsworth
  • Thu, 14:29: I figure we need to make [deleted subtweet with high level description of content] a meme.
  • Thu, 14:30: Going home last night, the streets were filled with scattered pages of Sartre. Where are the snows of existentialism? Putney. That's where.
  • Thu, 14:39: Marketing a garage for high-end German cars? Why yes, blanket leaflet every car in East Putney, no matter what the make. #marketingfail
  • Thu, 15:58: So did anyone spot the reference to the return of @michaeljantze's Norm comic I sneaked into that mobile web piece on ZDNet?
  • Thu, 16:12: Today's t-shirt says: ネコバス
  • Thu, 16:18: You can't kill a wasp with a rolled-up copy of Google News.
  • Thu, 17:07: RT @TlfTravelAlerts: When using the DLR, try not to think of it as a driverless, sentient machine powered by unseen forces that we can neve…
  • Thu, 17:10: If you're not following @TlfTravelAlerts you're missing out on delightful moments of new weird to brighten your day.
  • Thu, 17:19: I was vaguely tempted by the low price on the Nexus 4, but then I thought "8GB phone and no extra storage?" Meh.
  • Thu, 18:19: This looks useful: set Windows time by location using network information.
  • Thu, 18:58: Here's a delightful @doctorow story about life, love, Occupy, drones and computer-mediated liquid democracy:
  • Thu, 19:38: Amused to see where the map link in @fxshaw's post yesterday points.
  • Thu, 20:12: RT @TlfTravelAlerts: We invented blue lines connecting things ages ago. Twice, in fact. Works fine. We don't know what all the fuss is abou…
  • Thu, 20:22: RT @iamdrdee: Just been to Fight Club. It was fun, everyone should join. I was late so missed the rules being read out but I'm sure they we…
  • Thu, 20:31: Roasting chicken.
  • Thu, 20:34: RT @nitrodesk: Its finally here! Who wants to beta test for a free version of Touchdown Mac OS? Beta goes out next week!!!
  • Thu, 20:35: Parrot in the tree at sunset. Noisy creature.
  • Thu, 21:32: Recent Reads: Changeless. Gail Carriger's Austen-meets-Wodehouse steampunk goes faux Highland for the (furry) duration. Amusing tosh.
  • Fri, 11:03: Hmmmpf. @marypcbuk's Lumia 920 has just updated to GDR2/Amber. I am still waiting for @EE to approve the update :-(
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