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  • Thu, 13:26: RT @jongalloway: Cool, Bing image search added "search by license"
  • Thu, 16:30: Has Nokia just killed the point-and-shoot?
  • Thu, 16:39: Watching the Lumia event on a Windows 8.1 8" tablet in a TCR coffee shop...
  • Thu, 17:16: Disappointed to find that Cafe Nero sweetens its iced lattes by default. At least they took them back, but still...
  • Thu, 19:51: Installed @shadowfax1804's old graphics card in my desktop. WEI graphics scores have gone up from 6.7 to 7.2. A win, I think.
  • Thu, 20:29: Trying to understand the hype for Hemlis, when Silent Circle is already available and does more. And has a privacy/crypto heritage.
  • Thu, 23:03: Recent Reads: Some Like It Hawk. Another Donna Andrews bird-themed mystery. Meg Lanslow solves murder in a foreclosed town. Recessionary fun
  • Thu, 23:05: I really would like a touch-friendly version of TweetDeck. That's where it really falls down these days.
  • Fri, 00:20: Nokia on its Imaging SDK: "not only for our new phone, but for any Windows Phone 8 device." That'll come in handy then.
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