Simon Bisson (sbisson) wrote,
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  • Mon, 21:39: I do have to admit being amused that in the XBox One keynote machine learning was defined as not being AI. As was every AI researcher...
  • Mon, 21:41: RT @Henry_Sterchi: #projectspark montage video is up!
  • Mon, 21:46: RT @marypcbuk: ICYMI: PRISM & the culture clash between the intelligence services, silicon valley & how you view free services
  • Mon, 23:10: RT @ChrisReBoot: Accessing OWA on a #Surface? Try changing the URL to /owa/?layout=twide for touch optimized experience
  • Tue, 05:10: There's something about a burrito in the Bay. Especially with carnitas...
  • Tue, 05:29: Remind me to never again look at the comments on a gaming site. Even more misogynistic and full of sexual violence than i was expecting.
  • Tue, 05:29: If that's game culture, then I'm sincerely glad I am not a gamer.
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