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  • Mon, 17:57: Unreliable motel wifi is unreliable. Then again, I'm in the middle of nowhere halfway up a mountain, in a canyon, on the edge of wilderness.
  • Mon, 17:59: Trying to synthesise thoughts from talking to both Vint Cerf and @davidbrin into a piece on the ethics of ubicomp. Fascinating.
  • Mon, 18:20: @arebee You're from the town with the giant fish, aren't you?
  • Mon, 18:27: If you want to change how companies pay tax and how they treat IP, change the rules around shareholder value.
  • Mon, 18:31: Today I am going to go an look at big trees and bigger mountains. This is a good thing.
  • Mon, 18:57: @spikeiowa <waves from the Sierra!>
  • Tue, 03:10: Back from a day in Sequoia: big trees, bigger mountains and bear backsides.
  • Tue, 04:02: Excellent Mexican food at 3000'. Mmmm.
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