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  • Wed, 23:40: In medical research and clinical trials success is also understanding why something failed. #fire2013
  • Wed, 23:41: RT @marypcbuk: we're maybe 3 years from transplanting human heart cells derived from stem cells to improve heart function after stroke #fir
  • Wed, 23:43: RT @marypcbuk: Every cancer is unique; every cancer is a unique combination of mutations that collaborate to promote the disease. #fire2013
  • Wed, 23:43: RT @KevinCTofel: How Google plans to rule the computing world through Chrome Why your desktop in a year may look lik…
  • Wed, 23:51: Recent Reads: Necessary Evil. Ian Tregillis wraps up his Milkweed trilogy by changing alternate history into secret history. Enthralling.
  • Wed, 23:53: Recent Reads: The Burning Skies. The middle volume in David Williams' Autumn Rain trilogy is a grim meathook cyberpunk conspiracy thriller.
  • Thu, 00:49: RT @getwired: The Wacom paradox - whenever you reach into your backpack for a pen, you'll come out with a stylus, and vice-versa.
  • Thu, 02:22: It would be pronounced GIF if graphics was pronounced like giraffe. But it isn't, so it's going to stay as GIF. And that's that.
  • Thu, 04:45: RT @Doctor_G: "An iPhone uses as much energy as a refrigerator" - Pandora's Promise documentary #fire2013
  • Thu, 04:54: This could be the most awesome thing ever (also never ever mis-text a game designer):
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