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  • Wed, 08:34: The World's End trailer is giving me a very John Wydham vibe. Cosy catastrophe on the Midwich pub crawl.
  • Wed, 10:17: Knowing the telemetry in the average package delivery van, I'm always amazed how little information is in "track your delivery".
  • Wed, 10:24: @mbrit Interesting perspective. I see all those iPads in conference rooms and wonder, why?
  • Wed, 10:26: @mbrit I don't think it's *all* tablets. It's just that they see a subset of tablets that could be theirs. Which makes more sense.
  • Wed, 10:40: Restoring the chough to Jersey cliffs and skies. Will have to go have a look next time I go back to the island:
  • Wed, 11:20: Tubular Beats. A surprisingly good set of remixes of Mike Oldfield tracks. Up there with the Marillion/Positive Light collaborations.
  • Wed, 11:27: Our long national nightmare is over. The Darkgate Comic Slurper is back up.
  • Wed, 11:43: RT @jackschofield: Inside the i-mate Intelegent, the audacious phone that runs Windows 8, at @pcworld ~~ Windows 8, …
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