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  • Mon, 20:11: Have to say, the online customer support at Red Pocket is very helpful. They didn't have to reactivate me, but have done so...
  • Mon, 20:25: RT @elonmusk: Chris Porritt from Aston Martin just joined as head of vehicle engineering at Tesla
  • Mon, 20:28: Dug out a retired Airport Extreme, and put it up by the spare room ceiling. Now we get great WiFi on the roof terrace. Geeking in the sun!
  • Mon, 20:32: The end of Fireworks doesn't surprise me. It never really found a home at Adobe, and the Edge tools will do what it ended up doing, better.
  • Mon, 20:33: Focusing on touch alone is a dead end. Which is why Microsoft's @surface devices and Adobe's Mighty tools make a lot of sense.
  • Mon, 21:26: Have hung a @malki signed copy of this @wondermarkfeeed over, err, the litter tray. We felt it was apt.
  • Tue, 10:59: The new look is live. Now my clippings Tumblr!
  • Tue, 11:02: Watched the season finale of The Mentalist last night. Am I reading too much into the camera angle in the final pull out?
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