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  • Wed, 12:15: That was seamless. Didn't need to log out to get Windows 8 to synchronise my changed Microsoft Account. Nice job under the covers...
  • Wed, 12:27: As political as I'll get about today: there is such a thing as society. So I gave to Shelter:
  • Wed, 12:28: RT @monkchips: thank fuckity fuck Gov.UK's fantastic design win is trending. #designsoftheyear something to cheer
  • Wed, 12:48: Things the author won't work with: FOOF. I think I'd pretty much like to be in another country.
  • Wed, 13:12: If you like the Xplanes Tumblr, then this blog of unbuilt aircraft and spacecraft projects is for you:
  • Wed, 14:07: Interstellar archaeology. Have we already found signs of Dyson spheres in our kiloparsec IR studies?
  • Wed, 14:08: How long does a WP8 device take to reset? Those gears have been going round an awfully long time...
  • Wed, 18:34: Yay! My Lumia that I thought was bricked has suddenly sprung back to life! Huzzah... TIme to bring it back to life..
  • Wed, 18:37: Think I'll still keep all the Nokia recovery tools to hand, though!
  • Wed, 18:39: So. Changed Microsoft account email address, reset WP8 phone. Can I restore the backup or do I have to start fresh?
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