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My tweets

  • Sun, 14:59: Switching to using the Surface Pro as a secondary machine on my desktop. Wish more desktop apps handled high DPI better.
  • Sun, 15:39: Mounted SD card into Surface Pro file system, added folders to libraries and now moving Office cache files.
  • Mon, 10:30: ICYMI: From Friday night, over on CITEworld, I talk to @rackspace's CTO for our BYODev column: http://t.co/jw3ADQmfcp
  • Mon, 10:37: Had an SD card that Windows couldn't format. Luckily the offiicial formatter from the SD Association works. http://t.co/oBR1wXW0dQ
  • Mon, 10:46: Interesting. Just did a YouGov survey all about hybrid/tablet PCs.