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  • Wed, 19:42: RT @Krewell: How many Bitcoins for that tulip?
  • Wed, 19:43: Not sure that I like the new LinkedIn connect message. A bit too "matey" for me.
  • Wed, 20:52: I hope @mbrit sold the bitcoins he bought for his ZDNet pieces last week...
  • Wed, 20:56: I want a share of South Sea Company stock. It was the biggest company in the world, ever, once. The fundamentals say it can be again!
  • Wed, 22:58: The other side of the PC decline is that the multicore fix that keeps Moore's law ticking means they don't get faster. So no upgrades. (1/2)
  • Wed, 23:00: (2/2) To sell new PCs we need to write code that takes advantage of all those cores. Until then the market will continue to erode.
  • Wed, 23:04: So to sell more PCs, the industry needs developers to write code that takes advantage of the hardware. How to do that is the big question.
  • Wed, 23:08: So here's a thought. Will Surface make Microsoft write better multicore dev tooling?
  • Thu, 10:10: Writing a crontrarian piece on the PC numbers. Yes, it is Windows 8's fault (in part). But not the way you might think.
  • Thu, 10:45: The wind has blown from the east for so long that I've forgotten what a 4am 747 sounds like over the house. Warmer weather will be louder...
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