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  • Mon, 14:55: If the world seems a little brighter today, it's because I have finally cleared up the power and USB cables under my desk. You're welcome.
  • Mon, 15:42: Just went outside in sandals for the first time this year. I think we should call this look The Kewney as a tribute. Still miss Guy...
  • Mon, 15:58: Mmmm. Tea.
  • Mon, 16:35: I really dislike the way that @skype fails to send the correct DTMF tones to conference bridges. Makes it useless when you most need it.
  • Mon, 16:45: Oooh. @bareconductive's conductive paint is now available as pens. Another British Maker tech triumph!
  • Mon, 18:46: Moving 500GB of music from the Home Server to the house server. Think it's time to turn it off...
  • Mon, 18:53: Is there a MMS keynote live stream?
  • Mon, 21:26: Been out picking up things that have been freecycled. Hello big bag of coffee!
  • Tue, 09:36: Not the best third birthday present for my god-daughter. She has chickenpox. Or as she said to me "noggin-pox".
  • Tue, 11:15: Dried up
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