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My tweets

  • Sun, 23:02: Spending the day sorting bookcases and watching lots of episodes of The Mentalist.
  • Mon, 11:30: Getting you started with #BYODev on Monday, a quick lap around the basics of Google App Engine on @citeworld: http://t.co/Xqzvvjt7Xd
  • Mon, 11:33: Also, the things I do to write stuff, N in a series of N+1: learn more than just "Hello World" in Python.
  • Mon, 11:40: Recent Reads: The Creative Fire. Brenda Cooper's generation ship remix of Evita is a revolutionary tale. Tear down the walls with song.
  • Mon, 11:45: Recent Reads: Gods and Pawns. Kage Baker's Company shorts ask more questions about her immortal time looters. Plus more California history!
  • Mon, 11:47: Recent Rereads: Eon. Greg Bear's hard SF classic explores eschatalogical angst. Even with knowledge of the future all is futility. Epic.
  • Mon, 11:50: @Eaterofsun Kind of the middle of a thematic trilogy. Blood Music, Eon, Forge of God. All existential eschatalogical dread, really!
  • Mon, 11:51: Greg Bear's late 80s SF really was exceedingly depressing. We might not nuke ourselves, but so many other ways for the world to end.