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My tweets

  • Fri, 13:18: @NifS Seen this? http://t.co/1fXqsj0JfS Our next door neighbour has a new band!
  • Fri, 13:41: Radial menus for pen in the latest version of the MDL OneNote are strangely reminiscent of InkSeine :-) #TabletPCOldTimer
  • Fri, 13:48: I'd have thought that tech was an egalitarian meritocracy if I didn't live with a woman in tech. Privilege is kind of blind like that.
  • Fri, 14:13: Trying to open Tweetdeck web and getting the Fail Whale.
  • Fri, 14:19: Why remake Air Force One on the ground in the White House. Actually, why remake Air Force One at all?
  • Fri, 19:05: I hate days when I get blocked on the last 200 words of a piece. Through the wall now at least, thanks to @marypcbuk's excellent advice
  • Fri, 19:33: RT @MattRosoff: Here's a @CITEworld classic: Steve Ballmer to David Sacks: The PC was the original consumerization story: http://t.co/OM ...