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  • Wed, 21:57: New Superman on the way. Have realised that he'll be a Jerseyman of Steel. Faster than a speeding tractor, can leap Gorey in a single bound.
  • Thu, 00:46: Not impressed that Google Reader ends up being shut down after it killed all the other RSS feed sync services. Too many apps depend on it.
  • Thu, 01:44: For me the real issue about Google Reader is it's shabby to come along with a free service that kills paid services and then shutdown.
  • Thu, 01:47: I mean, "embrace, extend, extinguish" or what? And I *paid* for Newsgator
  • Thu, 11:28: Discussion of the trade-off between resilience and efficiency in the latest @stratnews piece by @DavidBrin1. As always, fascinating.
  • Thu, 11:38: Bentham, the Cat of Marginal Utility, has a word or two for the folk behind the Google Reader shutdown:
  • Thu, 11:39: Hitler finds out Google Reader is shutting down: via @youtube
  • Thu, 11:42: RT @HAL9000_: Saying today is #PiDay is like saying Ringo, George and Paul were the Beatles. You're only using three significant figures.
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