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  • Mon, 12:39: That's not Grumpy Cat. This is:
  • Mon, 12:50: Actually this caption might capture the usual ball of rage and frustration that is Bentham:
  • Mon, 14:44: RT @edbott: Shorter stupid punditry: No one's buying Windows 8 PCs, so we should make them more like the Windows 7 PCs no one was buying ...
  • Mon, 14:45: Hmm. Finding the new @metrotwitapp desktop very slow to update the stream. Twitter API 1.1 issues at play?
  • Mon, 14:54: Nokia's own NFC tool in Windows Phone store. (Lumia only)
  • Mon, 16:22: Typo of the day: "Cardinals prepare to elect a new Pop" (From the Irish Times)
  • Mon, 18:03: So the new version of a game that I still see older versions of being played on aircraft, can't be? Ooops. DRM Fail.
  • Mon, 18:17: Windy. And cold. Hello spring.
  • Mon, 18:21: Deaths from antibiotic-reistant infections >>> Number of deaths from terrorism. I'm pretty sure that makes it already a much bigger threat.
  • Mon, 18:28: RT @marypcbuk: switching to a Flash blacklist for @ie 10 also means all sites NOT on the compatibility view blacklist will work in moder ...
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