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  • Wed, 12:57: W00T! (for specific values of W00T that only apply to me). My BES10 instance is working, and I've got a Z10 currently activating on BDS.
  • Wed, 13:01: The difficulty of developing a gesture language: two gestures that do similar but different things that are almost the same.
  • Wed, 13:04: Hang on. Last month: Sony CEO says will wait to announce PS4 to see what others do first. Today: Sony to announce PS4. Patient, much?
  • Wed, 13:08: Oooh... Balance on Z10 :-) Sadly I cannot rename the Personal space. I wanted to have Work and Play.
  • Wed, 13:13: Recent Reads: The Coldest War. Next in @ITregillis' Milkweed saga, in le Carr� mode. Cold War becomes Ragnarok. Can Gretel change futures?
  • Wed, 13:16: Recent Reads: A Red Herring without Mustard. Alan Bradley's Flavia de Luce discovers dissenting revenge is best served on cold plates.
  • Wed, 13:52: @Memototeam I'd be interested in looking at one too. Email in profile. @the_pc_doc @marypcbuk @DrPizza @mbrit
  • Wed, 13:56: I have been very good. This is the second day in a row I have let @marypcbuk use my Surface Pro.
  • Wed, 14:11: Over the Whirlpool
  • Wed, 14:31: RT @migueldeicaza: Launching Xamarin 2.0:
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