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  • Thu, 14:07: Downloading 1.4GB over hotel wifi. I must be mad, right?
  • Thu, 16:04: My phone tells me I have activated Canada. You're welcome Canada. Rest of world? Well, sorry folks...
  • Thu, 16:09: RT @Radlein: The last man in the world sat alone in a room. The phone rang. It was a telemarketer. #horrorstory
  • Thu, 16:13: I like releases from analogue silicon developers. I don't need a Precision 50�V Offset Op Amp with 76V Input Range, but it's good it exists.
  • Thu, 18:54: So Jim Balsillie sells off his BB stock. I doubt it's a reflection of the Z10 launch, more that an ice hockey team is on the block. :-)
  • Thu, 19:15: Icy!
  • Thu, 19:28: Dear World. Jim Balsillie was NOT a founder of RIM. He didn't join until 1992. Please go back and rework. Love, Me.
  • Thu, 23:04: Baking up an app or two with IFTTT. My latest #byodev column at @CITEworld:
  • Thu, 23:07: As I'm travelling I missed tweeting an earlier #byodev piece at @CITEworld, looking at the new Office apps framework:
  • Fri, 01:53: Thought hard about what I need in an on-the-road machine. So here I am in the Toronto Microsoft Store buying a 64GB Surface Pro...
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