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It's that time of the month again...

...and I have to write my XML column.

I've been doing some research before I get started, as this month I'm planning on writing about managing XSLT transforms with Visual Basic.NET - and I've never coded in VB, let alone VB.NET. So I was looking through the MSDN Online Library to see how the .NET class library handles XML, when I found this paper, on using XSLT to transform ADO.NET datasets without programatically querying the dataset to extract the data. Sure, I'd understood that ADO.NET used XML to store relational data locally, but I'd never really thought through the implications (and here I am being paid money to be an XML guru...).

Now I'm finding myself wondering if there's something similar going through the JCP at the moment, as the whole idea of XML driven data processing is very exciting. For one thing, it means there is a use for XQL!
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