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My tweets

  • Sun, 16:28: So, oh world, what's good for breakfast in Caesar's Palace, or do I try the Peppermill?
  • Sun, 21:03: RT @andrewducker: Dalek Crossword… http://t.co/AENlsixP
  • Mon, 00:47: Went out, drove up mountains and around canyons. Now back in my hotel room going through page proofs.
  • Mon, 02:51: Good grief. You'd think Tweetdeck would have some touch affordances by now.
  • Mon, 03:24: And that seems to be the last page proof done and sent off to the editor. Now I know what my novellist friends feel like...
  • Mon, 05:34: RT @neilhimself: Twelve hours until I start the tweets that kick off the #keepmoving art project I'm doing with @BlackBerry. Getting sor ...