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  • Sun, 16:48: My current favourite song: Family of the Year's Hero. Bubbly indie-folk pop (much like Milo Greene). #Spotify
  • Sun, 17:16: Have just found that the second of Ian Tregellis` Milkweed books is out in paperback in the UK 7th Feb. And I have a �5 Amazon voucher....
  • Sun, 17:32: Kaleidoscoped Sharepoint 2013
  • Sun, 18:41: RT @marypcbuk: What the Forbes piece on journalism as entertainment misses; there used to be church/state separation between editorial & ...
  • Sun, 19:02: Fanboy wars aren't new. Look at archives of the various comp.sys.XXXXX.advocacy groups from the 80s and 90s. Today is tame and polite.
  • Sun, 19:02: ...and I survived the rec.arts.sf reorganisation wars....
  • Sun, 19:03: (Oh good grief, I'm doing a Get Orf My Laaaaand on Twitter, aren't I?)
  • Sun, 19:22: @jkendrick Not this side of the pond :-)
  • Sun, 19:28: Minions. Banana. Minions. Hilarity!
  • Sun, 19:32: RT @spacefuture: My grandpa worked at NASA in the early sixties. Thought you guys would like to see some pictures. #space ...
  • Sun, 20:36: Changed the speakers on my desktop. Retired the old set and put in an Edifier Sound To Go Plus.
  • Sun, 23:36: RT @yarnivore: RT @daniel_barker: M.C. ESCHER IN DA AND ALSO OUTSIDE OF DA HOUSE.
  • Sun, 23:45: Recent Reads: The Stainless Steel Rat Goes To Hell. Late addition to Harry Harrison's SF caper series. Nowhere as good as the first few.
  • Mon, 10:06: RT @bryanglick: Wonder how many train journeys would be avoided altogether if some of #HS2 billions went into broadband/teleworking infr ...
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