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  • Sun, 19:30: I think I may have just received a release for the strangest product at #2013CES. A smartfork.
  • Sun, 19:51: RT @darryl1974: These are amazing - long-hidden posters in Notting Hill Gate Tube station (via @CarolineLD's blog)
  • Sun, 19:52: Traces of Zion still on my @surface TouchCover. A splash of colour with red red dust.
  • Sun, 21:36: Asus press conference in the Wynn not there. Anyone know if it has been moved and if so, where?
  • Sun, 23:13: RT @maryjofoley: Beer drinkers: A native WP8 client for @untappd developed by Untappd is coming as early as Q1 2013: ...
  • Sun, 23:17: Have programmed up an NFC tag with my contact details and stuck it in the back of my CES badge. Wonder if anyone will use it...
  • Mon, 05:50: NVIDIA Shield handheld gaming device impressive. Tegra 4, stock Android. Driving a 4K display in demo, too...
  • Mon, 05:52: The trouble is, there is very little more boring than watching someone else playing video games.
  • Mon, 07:20: The Lenovo table touch PC makes more sense in the flesh. Think of collaborative work in an office, or in education. Not so much in the home.
  • Mon, 11:09: ZDNet blog post: Essential business travel tech: Speakers, power cells and backup #zdnet
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