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  • Wed, 18:57: Resetting all the clocks in the house. Having missed the time change back to GMT, i'm having to catch up...
  • Wed, 19:42: That was disturbing, Just saw one of my articles turn up as a promoted tweet.
  • Wed, 19:59: Listening to Psychedlic Pill at last. Epic Neil Young is Epic (also "Ramada Inn" is one of the best things he and Crazy Horse have done.)
  • Wed, 20:12: A Brit gets to be part of a Thanksgiving tech slide show. Spot me and @marypcbuk at CITEworld:
  • Wed, 20:52: New glasses tomorrow. Perhaps there'll be fewer typos.
  • Wed, 21:54: Recent Reads: The Tears Of The Sun. S.M. Stirling's Change series pauses breath for derring-do between battles.Much is made clear.
  • Wed, 21:59: Recent Reads: Magebane. Lee Arthur Chane's revolutionary fantasy overthrows magical feudalism in an alternate Canada. Airship vs wizards!
  • Wed, 22:02: Recent (sort) Reads. Devil In The Dollhouse. Richard Kadrey's Sandman Slim is now Lucifer, and must quest across Hell. A bridging novella.
  • Thu, 11:18: U[dated desktop to the release Office 2013. Now to wait while it syncs all my mail again. From the US. This may take some time.
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