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  • Fri, 22:16: RT @MSFTExchange: For those who didn't join us in Orlando for MEC 2012, MEC is the Microsoft Exchange Community. Check out iammec dot co ...
  • Fri, 22:25: RT @edbott: Five out of five iPad fans surveyed say "Whoa, that Windows 8 tablet is way more interesting than I thought." http://t.co/gB ...
  • Fri, 22:27: RT @Richard_Kadrey: Jan. 31, 1977: A horse and rider watch as the space shuttle Enterprise is towed to Edwards Air Force Base. http://t ...
  • Sat, 11:47: RT @amendlocke: BBC News - Cuban missile crisis: The other, secret one http://t.co/i0aHNFlG
  • Sat, 11:53: After much reflection I have come to the conclusion that Mumford & Sons' lyrics make as much sense as Yes'. Just with more banjos.