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  • Sun, 16:55: At SFO. Heading to MCO for 48 hours of Exchange fun...
  • Sun, 16:59: Hmm. One more check-in and I will be Mayor of the @virginamerica SFO-MCO flight. Which is a little odd for someone based in London.
  • Sun, 18:22: Yesterday in Paso, great to hang out with @Vines_Marycrest and the folk at Red Soles. Our favourite wine town by a long way.
  • Sun, 18:31: Climbing out of SFO this morning enroute to MCO watched what looked like an United 777 making a low pass of the Golden Gate below us.
  • Sun, 20:25: 145 words to go on article number one. #writingmywayacrossamerica
  • Sun, 20:26: RT @kleptones: Tis the midway between power pop & the 80s psych revival. Fuckin' great. This goes in the DJ box #listeningclub
  • Sun, 20:41: Does everything go much better with a soundtrack from The Shins? Rhetorical...
  • Sun, 20:57: Ah, living in the future. Finished an article and watched it back up to the cloud as we fly over the Arkansas border. Skydrive in the Sky.
  • Sun, 22:16: Tonight I introduce @marypcbuk to the ecodomes of the Gaylord Palms. Which first? The alligators? The catfish and snakes? Or the tarpon?
  • Sun, 22:19: Another point in favour of @virginamerica. They carry 21st Amendment Brewery beers. Currently writing a ZDnet blog drinking Back in Black.
  • Sun, 23:46: Not only did someone have a phone on on our flight, they were also running it as a WiFi hotspot...
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