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  • Wed, 17:45: @claudineb He's mentioned in the Verge live blog already :-)
  • Wed, 18:04: RT @WithinRafael: Boom it's official: Windows Store apps -- RT @maryjofoley Microsoft finally comes clean(er) on post-Metro naming plans ...
  • Wed, 18:10: Y'know, a good fact checker would have fun with this Tim Cook keynote. Apparently people only write custom apps for iPads. Who knew?
  • Wed, 18:52: Sorry @edbott. No yellow.
  • Wed, 19:59: All those Kickstarters to make watchbands for the Nano, lost in time...
  • Wed, 20:05: And here come the iPhone 5 case releases....
  • Wed, 21:29: After the iPhone 5 announcement, I'm leaning strongly in the direction of a new Lumia. It just wasn't the blow me away, want one now story.
  • Wed, 21:31: RT @marypcbuk: hugely amused that the travel insurance I'm buying offers to get me a replacement business colleague; they can't replace ...
  • Wed, 21:32: Today has been brought to you by Vicks Sinex, Lotus Olbas Oil-infused tissues and Boots Flu Max All-In-One.
  • Wed, 22:32: Resisting the temptation of a TMI tweet. Why yes, you're all welcome.
  • Wed, 22:35: @tim @s_pritchard I think we're starting down the slope now...
  • Wed, 22:48: RT @plankers: I'm really hoping iTunes 11 for Windows has been written by someone who is an actual Windows developer.
  • Wed, 22:50: For the US shift: From me, on Techradar. A guide to prepping web sites for the Windows 8 start screen:
  • Wed, 23:01: Forefront changes? It's all "To the Cloud!"
  • Wed, 23:55: Ah, so "The Tale of Ping" is done. But oddly it shuts down before a Pingless iTunes is released...
  • Thu, 00:11: One thing can be said for Ping. It made Google+ look busy.
  • Thu, 09:39: RT @adurdin: Skeuomorphism is badly designed. It's just too hard to spell.
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