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My tweets

  • Thu, 13:14: Walked down to the High St. Remind me, it is October isn't it? The weather's so bad I was expecting see the new iPhone on sale...
  • Thu, 13:57: This. Only with a Maine Coon weighing a stone or so. And on my lap. http://t.co/g59WuoAA
  • Thu, 14:04: Free @amandapalmer sampler on Noistrade today - tracks from the new album: http://t.co/UkLCLbgU
  • Thu, 15:24: Dear software company. If I paid for your software, I suspect you already know I don't want the Ask toolbar too. Stop it. No love. Me.
  • Thu, 16:53: Anything can happen in the next half hour. I'm off to Mars. :-)
  • Thu, 20:12: An interesting conversation with some of the folk behind Kodu Mars. Event-driven functional programming and robotics for kids. Cute rover.
  • Thu, 20:32: Overheard in the (very small) office: "I'm not very good at finger pong". No names, no pack drill :-)
  • Thu, 20:39: @Spatacoli @getwired You've not had to deal with German trademark law, have you?
  • Thu, 20:53: RT @moonpolysoft: Bitcoins were invented to teach libertarians what an unregulated market is like. http://t.co/CrzEPrSl
  • Thu, 21:11: Rehung the art after repainting the hall. My Jim Burns "Windhaven" now gets pride of place. Fantastic piece of SF art. http://t.co/AjuKaRO0
  • Thu, 21:40: Oddly I am down to reading only two books at the moment. One a hidden London fantasy, the other far future eschatological hard SF. Mmmm.
  • Thu, 21:44: Flaming Lips' Yoshimi Battles The Pink Robots on the radio. Now I want to relisten to @kleptones' Yoshimi Battles The Hip-Hop Robots.
  • Thu, 21:55: The first of the new New Tricks? Shades of Tey's Daughter Of Time. Bummer of an ending though.
  • Fri, 10:21: I've been playing with some new keyboards and mice for ZDnet: http://t.co/ppdYOLMT
  • Fri, 10:24: RT @jondrori: Loving the fantastic photos on Wildscreen's ARKive blog. And Pygmy shrew heart beats 1000bpm, who knew? http://t.co/cXBE7pMJ
  • Fri, 11:16: When did people start spelling "brakes" as "breaks"? And why can't they stop?