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  • Tue, 12:18: South Sea Company was worth $73.8 trillion. Remember what happened next? :-)
  • Tue, 12:22: RT @budleysalterton: .@sbisson “what happened next?” Everybody pressed the “Like” button.
  • Tue, 12:39: IBM worth equivalent of $1.3T in 1967. South Sea Company still holding the record for the UK!
  • Tue, 14:07: Looking for analyst comment for a feature on SDN. Drop me a line to the email address in my profile.
  • Tue, 14:28: Bibliophiles beware! This happened to us, it can happen to you!
  • Tue, 14:31: Crossing The Line
  • Tue, 14:38: RT @UnlikelyWorlds: For the transatlantic morning crowd: Prisoners of the Action, a novella that @AnnoDracula and I wrote, new on Kindle ...
  • Tue, 17:44: Needing to think different with Windows 8 - pulling an image from Flickr using the Photos app in the Picker is a very new way of working.
  • Tue, 17:46: I did some sums this morning, US folk. At its peak in 1720 the South Sea Co. was worth $74T in 2012$. But we know what happened next.
  • Tue, 17:47: RT @wpcentral: Classic arcade game Jet Set Willy coming to Xbox 360 and Windows Phone this Friday #wp7 #windowsphone
  • Tue, 18:15: In arguing the most valuable company ever was 300 years ago, at the start of the stock markets, I show my working:
  • Tue, 18:19: Two Ministry Of Sound compilations of 80s electronic anthems? Don't mind if I do! After all, now that's what *I* call music!
  • Tue, 18:44: Wow. George Galloway seems to keep proving that he knows nothing about rape. Not going to link, because, well, he's talking out his hat.
  • Tue, 18:58: Humpback whale inadvertently nearly eats a pelican.
  • Tue, 18:58: RT @windowsserver: Windows Server 2012 Release Candidate Essentials available now - #winserv
  • Tue, 19:36: Who currently does PR for Cisco and for VMware in the UK?
  • Tue, 20:06: A UK Windows 8 device can see 514 apps in the store, while a US one sees 593. Wonder what the 79 are...
  • Tue, 20:10: Ooops. Misunderstood @marypcbuk 493, with language restrictions on. Language restrictions drop UK to 431. So 62 different.
  • Tue, 20:10: Language restrictions off on a US device, 587 apps.
  • Tue, 20:14: RT @DavidAllenGreen: The correct method for testing serious criminal allegations is by #DueProcess. All else is evasion and flapdoodle.
  • Tue, 20:20: So @kayak's Windows 8 app is only available in the US store - send a link to a UK device and you can't see it :-(
  • Tue, 21:12: I do like the tennis match in the middle of Art of Noise's BeatBox. Inventing sampling as you go...
  • Tue, 21:18: Time passes: Yazoo's lyric "Another page in your history" means something utterly different today.
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