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  • Mon, 12:42: So MS sold 20% of its Facebook stock for $10M more than it paid for it all. So the remaining 80% is pure profit no matter what happens.
  • Mon, 13:04: @manan And if it all goes horribly sideways, it's a hefty chunk that can be offset against capital gains :-)
  • Mon, 14:01: From the ridiculous (extra strength Mexican espresso) to the sublime (sencha).
  • Mon, 15:12: The Bee's Eye View
  • Mon, 17:30: Countdown to the OnLive shareholder lawsuits?
  • Mon, 18:32: @PatrickHenebry I'd disagree. It actually removes steps that were necessary with the old Start menu. One click less to any app. @edbott
  • Mon, 18:43: RT @major_clanger: When your hero has George Galloway for an apologist, surely you must realise something is fishy.
  • Mon, 18:49: Another hot and humid day in London. Maybe made worse by having too many machines online :-)
  • Mon, 19:51: Got music to play to an Xbox from a Windows 8 tablet. Xbox was slow to show up as a media render. Sounds good through Naim and Linn though!
  • Mon, 20:14: Into The Sun
  • Mon, 21:26: Just watched the ISS pass over London, bright and moving fast.
  • Tue, 11:56: A quick calculation shows the South Sea Company at its peak was worth $73.8T in 2012$. Don't think Apple is the most valuable company ever.
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