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  • Sun, 19:34: Dear Florence. Stop it with the horses. Honestly, they're too big to drag around. May we recommend a Machine of some sort? Love, Me.
  • Sun, 20:27: Here's my big thought on Windows 8 and Office 2013. Yes, it's simpler. But simplicity isn't a bad thing. And this is thought-out simplicity.
  • Sun, 20:33: Lynxes from HMS Ocean chuntering up and down the Thames. Noisy. Even compared to the LHR jets.
  • Sun, 21:37: Recent Rereads: Crashlander. Niven's Beowulf Shaeffer is a born tourist, with a penchant for getting into scrapes. Proto-new space opera.
  • Sun, 21:40: @DavidAllenGreen It's a nasty level of privilege to assume all laws are UK laws. Prosecutorial Code Napoleon vs Adversarial Magna Carta.
  • Sun, 21:44: RT @marypcbuk: Tom Waits Step Right Up sounds like the advertising claims for every new tech product or online serv ...
  • Sun, 23:15: Heat Ray deployed. I guess then that Gale Crater must be Horsell Common. We've landed a Rover in the Areian equivalent of Woking.
  • Mon, 00:01: RT @UnlikelyWorlds: Hugely detailed infographic - 50 Years of Space Exploration:
  • Mon, 02:30: OK, I am getting to old to be up writing at 2.30 on a Sunday night. Gallery captions are done and I am off to bed.
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