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  • Wed, 12:09: Recent Reads: Larklight. Philip Reeve unravels a planetary romance full of delightful whimsical faux-Victoriana. Pirates and spiders ahoy!
  • Wed, 13:07: Wow. Balloons in the atmosphere of Venus:
  • Wed, 14:34: Listening to the bounciest song about a widow talking to the ghost of her dead lover ever. With added Icelandic brass.
  • Wed, 14:50: RT @asaunders: Downloads, downloadsIf you're sitting on the fence about porting an Android app to Playbook, watch this... ...
  • Wed, 15:19: Amused to see in a 2009 blog post I managed to deduce that MS would have to dump Windows CE to save Windows Phone:
  • Wed, 18:11: MT @DrPizza What would be exciting would be if MS compiled a TPL of all the most common tracking cookies and enabled it by default. <- THIS
  • Wed, 20:58: So it looks like @marypcbuk is one Twitter follower short of being 1337 :-)
  • Wed, 21:16: Hooked up the solar LED lights that @wendyg gave us. The roof terrace is now flashing red, green and amber.
  • Thu, 10:21: An artist friend is looking for a stylus for a Wacom Intuos tablet model GD-1212-U. Anyone know where he can find one?
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