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  • Sun, 19:50: Mountain Lion Vs. Windows 8: Which One Is Better? <- Test share from Bing News via Metrotwit
  • Sun, 20:25: RT @dark_shark: Oblique Strategy of the Day... What to maintain?
  • Sun, 20:54: Have realised the awful truth. Wenlock is a Shoggoth., And that R'lyeh was obviously an Olympic host city, and Cthulu was its mascot.
  • Sun, 22:00: Thinking RIM must have liked the "Frankie and June Say 'Thank Tim.'" segment of the Olympics opening ceremony. That was BBM all the way.
  • Sun, 22:49: RT @edbott: Tonight on Breaking Bad, Walt formulates performance-enhancing drugs for Michael Phelps. But things go horribly wrong.
  • Mon, 10:42: RT @jonhoneyball So @tesco get a spanking for their web security. Oh dear me. <- much deserved
  • Mon, 10:44: The one recurring thought I have from the Olympics opening ceremony, in re Underworld: How short a distance it is from dance to prog rock.
  • Mon, 11:59: My first public web page predates the Wayback Machine and is lost in the mists of time. I did find a 1996 version:
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