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  • Fri, 13:02: LA flight has gone technical, so passengers bumped to the SF. That means we get a bigger plane... Much prefer the A340-600 to the 300...
  • Fri, 13:05: RT @mbrit: Two events: Metro-style London on 24th July, 1830: Online Metro-style roundtable on 18th July: http://t ...
  • Fri, 13:09: RT @maxcooter: Tried Microsoft Office 365? You could win 12-month licence for 25 users! Send name, LIve ID & domain name to me: ma ...
  • Fri, 13:10: RT @superglaze: For lovers of bad corporate theme tunes, G4S's song is a clear winner #G4S
  • Fri, 13:33: ZDNet blog post: Science fiction: Why it's a must read for IT pros #zdnet
  • Sat, 00:07: Hello SFO (again)...
  • Sat, 02:43: Ah, coffee, sweet coffee. Sunshine and caffeine, the only way to deal with jet lag...
  • Sat, 02:45: VS41 took a more north and west route than usual. Glaciers calving in Greenland, and a long run across the Rockies. Columbia Ice Fields!
  • Sat, 02:47: However the strip mining scars in Alberta were deeply sad. Ripping apart hills in lines that were miles long...
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