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My tweets

  • Sun, 12:01: That was annoying. DSL had synced at too high speed for the line, so SNR was awful, and packet loss was way too high. Had to reboot router.
  • Sun, 12:02: Then the boiler hadn't come on, and I think one of the heating system's valve solenoids is failing. Not starting out to be a good day...
  • Sun, 12:25: Climbing the spike http://t.co/rqpxBoql
  • Sun, 17:40: Recent Rereads: Blood Music. Greg Bear's finest. Nothing is lost, nothing is forgotten. It was in the blood, the flesh. Now it is forever.
  • Sun, 18:21: Recent Reads: Existence. David Brin's first SF novel for a long time. Long review coming elseweb once I have finished digesting.
  • Sun, 18:26: In the garage http://t.co/vKO7kIym
  • Sun, 18:27: Seeking blossoms http://t.co/Nu0rqGXD
  • Sun, 19:45: @betsyweber We're still eating the leftovers from the Techsmith/O'Reilly BBQ!
  • Sun, 19:46: Scuttling http://t.co/UH5dLUxE
  • Mon, 10:08: A friend in Manchester just had his motorbike stolen. Registration LV04YUN, a BMW1200GS w/panniers, blue/black. Please keep an eye out!